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To celebrate TRICO Pro's unique benefits, we are giving away some valuable prizes, including a TRICO cooler and TRICO t-shirts, along with one TRICO pocket work light, and one TRICO flathead screwdriver for the first-place winner.

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TRICO Pro is the rare wiper blade that respects your time. Requiring no adaptors, this high-quality beam blade installs in seconds, to save time in your busy day.

Covering 94% of modern vehicles, TRICO Pro's patented "one-fit" connection system offers maximum coverage with only 14 SKUs. This minimized SKU count offers full, on-hand stock in just 2.5 square feet. Fitting the most popular arm styles, TRICO Pro is the kind of wiper blade that can help you increase revenue.

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An easy-to-install wiper blade like TRICO Pro is a good idea. There are also bad ideas.

A wiper blade without adaptors like TRICO Pro is one you want. Unlike competing products out there like the WipeMaster 2000 – which has to be seen to be believed.